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Working PokéCoin generator (no survey, no download)

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With 100 million registered players, Pokémon Go has the same problems that you see on new apps. Even though players are officially encouraged to interact and earn rewards fairly, money plays a massive role in this.

If you’re a new Pokémon Go player, looking to take over a gym, you may quickly find the reality. Even if you spend the time, someone with a credit card can beat you pretty fast.

That’s why so many players are looking to ‘even out the game field’. To keep up with rich players, but without paying, some game fans develop PokéCoin generators. Can you use one to get PokéCoins?

Is there a working PokéCoin generator?

Niantic and Nintendo don’t particularly like PokéCoin generators. Of course, they don’t. With every successful generator use those companies are losing money. As a result, every working generator ends up blocked within a week since appearing. Often, within a day.

PokeCoin generatorYou can use it while it’s fresh, but the better it works, the more people find out about it. And, the more people know about the working generator, the bigger the chances are that it will get caught.

Which opened the flood for scammers. They saw what a massive demand for a PokéCoin generator was and took the opportunity. For those of you that don’t know how it works, basically, scammers copied legit hackers. Both ask you to complete a survey, but scammers don’t have the goods at the end of the survey.

Understandably, hackers spend their valuable time and want to get a few cents via surveys. But since the situation became unbearable due to scammers, players rather go for PokéCoin generator, no survey asked.
Which makes the search much harder.

Risk v. Reward

To recap, PokéCoin generators are hard to find simply because their lifespan is shorter than a butterfly’s. So, eventually, you will come across a generator you will need to take a risk. You know the potential reward, it’s the free pokemon go coins no survey.

But have you thought about what you are risking? The thing is, there have been news stories about thousands of players banned for, what is essentially, cheating. Not Pokémon Go stories, but the risk is still there.

What does it mean for you? Simply that if you are going to use a PokéCoin generator, have a back-up account which would let you try a generator risk-free.

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