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Five Main Types of Social Casinos

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All social casinos look the same. Feel the same. But are they?

For players who have tried casino games only once or twice, social casinos seem to be all the same. they don’t know any better. But once you play every day, try out different apps, you start noticing how diverse casino world actually is.

slot machineLet’s take games.

Online casinos tend to share games of the same developers. So, you will see the same slot machine in tens of different online casinos.

Social slots are developed by different companies, which makes all of their games unique.

Sometimes a mobile casino will partner with real Las Vegas casinos (like the Caesars Casino), or with online game developers (Novomatic slots can be found at Funstage mobile casinos), but most will develop games on their own.

Social casinos also differ in other ways. Below you will find five types of online casinos you can find at the App Stores.

All You Can Eat Buffet

Don’t mind the name. Essentially, these are social casinos that have almost any casino game. Poker, blackjack, video poker, classic slots, you name it.

For some players that’s exactly what they have been looking for. If you like the idea of finding different games in one place, try casinos like Full House Slots.

If it’s sounds messy and noisy, let’s get you another type of a casino.

Table Games

WSOP casinoOne social casino of this particular kind you probably know very well. WSOP casino is the most popular app for poker players. Millions of players come back to the app every day.

Even though there are a variety of games at the WSOP casino, it focuses on cards, and does it well.

Slots Casinos

It is what it sounds like. These social entertainment apps are focused on one task – deliver good slot games. Just like the table game apps, you probably won’t find any distracting features (like special collections or building a casino town).

You log on, collect your daily bonuses, open the slots, and play.

Journey Slots Casino

Willy Wonka slotsThese types of social casinos start you off with a bankroll and only one or two slots machines. To unlock new games, you have to increase your XP level by playing. Hence, the name ‘journey slots casino’.

Though there are vast differences how casinos go about it. Pharaoh’s Way Slots or Willy Wonka slots developed different worlds you explore by finding new games. Others often make the journey as simple as possible.

All-in-One Slots Casino

As opposed to the journey casino, in the All-in-one Slots casinos everything’s open. But sometimes it may feel a bit like you’re a kid lost in a candy shop.

Without the journey element, these casinos are mostly about building a bankroll, unlocking new wager limits and, eventually, snagging the jackpot.

I hope that these brief descriptions helped you see how varied social casinos are. If you want to enjoy your time, it’s incredibly important to pick the right casino.

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