Casino Games That are Better Online

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I understand that some of the visitors on this website are serious gamblers. Let me be completely clear here.

Live games are fantastic. Playing at a casino is one of my favorite experiences. But there’s getting ready, driving, dealing with drunk people, going home. You know, the not-so-nice side of the casino.

Online it’s different. You might even say, better in several aspects.

Let’s see how world’s most popular casino games change to the better free slots to play offline.


Roulette is the most intimidating game for beginners. Actions must be taken quickly, so the player must know exactly how they are playing.

Unless you stick with the outside bets (red//black, odd/even) making optimal betting decisions in a game becomes complicated, fast.

– Online you can practice for free for as long as you like.
– You can have betting system charts and printouts right next to you all the time, so
– You can play for pennies until you feel you make mistakes. As least they are cheap.

And if you every get tired form traditional, French or American roulette, online there is another dozen of roulette variations to give a try.


It’s very similar to roulette. You are free to practice for a long as you want. Choose your pace, choose the rules you like.

Live blackjack does have one (theoretical) advantage. If you have the necessary skills, you can try counting cards. Online it’s completely out of the question. However, given the low chance of that happening in a live game, that should not be an issue.

And just like roulette online, blackjack has many variations. Some are fun as an arcade, others make it into a much more serious experience. Plus, there’s always the live blackjack online.


Baccarat is one of those games that everyone has heard of but have rarely played themselves. Some may say that it’s a rich man’s craps.

In any case, baccarat is unlike roulette or blackjack. It’s an unpretentious game with one choice to make. But while in a live casino the table is tucked somewhere in the back of the casino for millionaires and professional gamblers, online there is no reason to feel intimidated.


Playing online is not better than in a live setting. It’s different. Ease of access, lower stakes, more variations, less noise. Some parts are better, some may be worse.

But if you don’t feel completely confident about playing in a live casino, you should just start with online games. Why not, when it’s free?

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