100,000 Free Spins. This is NOT a typo

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Not chips or coins. Not after you spend money.

There is a casino, where you can get 100,000 free spins.
This is 100%, absolutely true.

And it’s the name you already know well.

Join Caesar’s Casino via your Smartphone

You know Caesars Casino from its establishments all around the world and countless TV appearances.

But it should also appear on the screen of your smartphone.

Players may rate games, or rewards, or customer support. That’s all important. But most players are searching for one thing only, the most gameplay time for the least amount of money.

And it doesn’t get any cheaper than FREE.

Join Caesars Casino where every new player starts with 40,000 free coins. With 1-coin slots, that’s 40,000 free spins!

I know, I know. I promised 100,000. Here’s how you can get more.

60,000 Extra Spins at Caesars Casino

Once you claim your 40,000 free coins, enjoy a few rounds of Caesars slots. Look around the casino, check out the rewards.

After a while Caesars Casino will ask you to leave a review and a rating. For 50,000 extra coins.

They are not forcing you to leave a 5-star review (like some dishonest apps). Just answer three questions. You’ll be done in 30 seconds and be able to use your free coins immediately.

Even More Free Coins at Caesars Casino

If you’re at least OK with math, you know we are 10,000 coin short of 100,000 coins. There are multiple ways to get it.

You can use one and have 100,000 coins.

Or you can use all of them and make much more out of it.

Here are a few ways to get more Caesars Casino coins:

  • Connect your Facebook account. If you have one, you can connect Facebook account. You will be able to access your games from any device and you’ll get 10,000 coins on top.
  • Use daily gifts. It’s crazy how much value you can get through daily coin gifts. Especially at Caesars where your bonus is multiplied if you come back several days in a row.
  • Share coins with friends. Connect with Caesars Casino players on their Facebook account, add them to your game and share free coins. It doesn’t cost you but can realistically generate you well over 10,000 coins every week.

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